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A Quick Guide to Event Marketing


A Quick Guide to Event Marketing

Attending business marketing events is one of the most effective methods of giving your brand a push. Whether you’re looking to attract new clients or boost awareness, we’ve put together a quick event marketing guide that you must follow to increase your chances of success.

Choosing the right event is important

One of the most common event marketing mistakes is relying on events which only operate in and target your own industry. Of course, attending such events means you will be able to meet like-minded individuals, but you’re also likely to be surrounded by competitors and your existing clients.

The best way to market your business at an event is to balance some industry-specific events with other events in a range of industries. Ideally, you should find events which are not readily frequented by your competitors, so that you can stand out and offer your products and services to would-be customers and build new contacts to grow your business.

You need to stand out from the crowd

When you buy a booth or a stall at a business event, you’re likely to have made a big investment. Therefore, it’s essential that you use your position to the best of your advantage to drum up sales and encourage people to find out more about what you do.

Attracting attention can be difficult, and it means thinking outside of the box. Whether that’s hosting a giveaway, hanging great-quality graphics from your stall or adorning your employees with premium name badges like the ones available from Imagin Badges, there are a whole host of ways you can stand out and make an impression.

You should use social media to create buzz

Your event is likely to be the most important date in your business calendar, but it’s just as important to prepare for the events that will take place before and after your exhibition.

Connecting with attendees and building your profile before the event – whether that’s through Twitter, blog posts or email campaigns – is one of the best ways to boost engagement, and similar techniques can be used during your event to keep an audience connected to your brand.

Post-event, social media can be utilised to post highlights videos, to answer questions from clients and to build on the rapport and relationships that were developed during your event, so set up a clear digital marketing strategy in advance in order to maximise your chances of success.

You should always follow up your events

Without following up with potential clients, business events would be useless. Prepare an email template that you can send out after the event, and reference conversations or key information points that were discussed to show that you’re interested in offering assistance.

If your prospect does not respond, then be sure to follow up with a phone call or another email. This way, even if they’re not ready to buy from you right now, they’ll remember you when they are.

Whether you’re new to event marketing or you’re a seasoned professional, deliver your brand with honesty, integrity and passion, and you’ll soon see that the results speak for themselves.

5 Ways to Network at Conferences


When it comes to attending industry conferences and exhibitions, making sure that you network and successfully market your business is essential. Focusing on meeting potential clients is one of the most important parts of any business function, so following our five top tips for improving your chances of networking success will serve you well.

Take along some merchandise

When it comes to networking events, the old saying of ‘people love a good freebie’ rings true. Focusing on a well-designed, branded image will help colleagues to remember you and to connect with your business on a deeper level than just adding you to LinkedIn, so get creative and offer something truly unique. Whether that’s a quirky business card or a free USB stick, there are lots of ways to ensure that your brand is remembered.

Build a networking list

Before you attend any networking event, you should take time out to check the list of attendees. Developing a networking list will allow you to work out who you want to connect with and what you want to say to them before you set off. Targeting key influences will allow you to meet your business objectives, so planning in advance will give you the confidence you need to impress.

Look the part

In our image-obsessed world, it’s important to look the part at your networking event, so take time out to plan an outfit that works for you. Your look should not only reflect your personality but the personality of your business brand. That is to say, if your business is relaxed and easy-going, you should avoid wearing a generic suit and tie and opt for something more casual. Pairing your outfit with one of the custom designed conference badges offered at Imagin Badges is the best way to stand out.

Come with a colleague

Even the most talkative of business professionals can run out of things to say, so bringing a colleague or pairing up with an individual in a similar field is the best way to maximise your exposure. Not only will you be able to play off of each other’s skills, but you’ll have more to talk about and will reduce the chances of the dreaded awkward silence.

Always follow up

The most important part of a networking event is the follow-up. The whole point of networking events is to make new contacts and find new potential customers, so use an online template to send a follow-up email quickly after the event. That way, you’ll be remembered, and you’ll be able to discuss business when you both have a clear schedule.

Using professional networking websites such as LinkedIn and arranging follow-up calls can also be beneficial if you want to stay in touch with your new industry contacts. By showing you’re interested and opening a dialogue, you will be well-placed to convert your new contacts into customers.

However you choose to network at your next event or conference, make sure you plan ahead and follow the tips we have offered on this website to improve your chances of business success.

Do you make these Five Small Mistakes with your Branding?

coffee cup

Your business’ brand is essential. It gives your customers something to associate your products with and gives staff a vision to aim towards. Building an effective brand is difficult, but eliminating these five small mistakes can make the whole process easier.

Inconsistent colours

To create a brand that oozes professionalism, everything you produce needs to be the same. From posters, leaflets, uniforms and staff badges, having a consistent colour scheme on each will help the customer identify those colours with your company so much quicker.

If your uniforms are blue and white, don’t use red and white-themed promotional materials, for example, because these colours will create a poor corporate identity.

Failing to make your employees seem genuine

If your staff wear name badges, it can help establish a bond of trust with the customer. The customer will be able to identify the employee and give them someone to turn to should they have a problem.

A professional name badge can give your employees a sense of authority, a feeling that they are genuine experts in their field and able to provide the customer with the best possible service.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so trust the experts at Imagin Badges to provide fully personalised pin-on badges, magnetic name badges, metal name badges or photo ID cards. Each product can be styled with your company’s logo and colours – helping to reinforce that corporate identity as mentioned in the first point.

Not finding a unique selling point

You need to figure out what makes your company stand out from the crowd and then play to it. If, for example, you are a recruitment agency, you need to find a unique selling point – something that will convince clients to come to you instead of the competition.

When you do decide what this is, you will be able to start crafting a sleek, sophisticated branding strategy. It’s not uncommon for businesses to focus on many aspects, rather than concentrating fully on the one area that will draw the customers in.

Not carrying out market research

One technique that will help you find your unique selling point is by carrying out market research. You will be able to see what competitor companies in your area are doing and how they market themselves – this should provide you with the inspiration on how to do things differently.

Failing to check out your competitors is like moving into a house without examining the location first – you just wouldn’t do it.

Expecting instant results

Developing a brand takes time. You need to put a lot of thought behind it to prevent it from becoming muddled.

One of the most common mistakes companies make is that they create a logo, hand out some leaflets and then expect a strong brand to be created – this is rarely the case.

It will take some time before your customers learn to trust your brand. Just keep it consistent and let your vision and beliefs shine through in everything you do – eventually, customers will start to believe you can deliver on your promises.

Five Different Badges for Five Different Business Types

work space

You might be surprised at just how many different types of badges there are to buy. Each badge comes with stylish design features and can be used in a whole host of environments, so read on to find out which type of badge is the best fit for your business.

Photo ID badges

This product is perfect for use in a security company or a hospital – establishments where easy identification is essential. Each badge comes with a photo of the employee, their name and any other information that you deem appropriate.

For simple storage, each ID badge has a range of optional accessories such as lanyards and open or closed-faced holders. These features will stop the badge from getting damaged or misplaced – ensuring a professional touch all day long.

Budget name badges

If money is tight or you have a large workforce to cater for, then the budget name badge is sure to be the answer to your problems. Ideal for cleaning jobs, factory work or positions that have a high turnover of staff, this badge is both stylish and practical.

Boasting a range of finishes, these badges come in a pack of five for added value, and each come with your company name and the relevant job title. Our clear, sticky name labels let you print out your staff labels from the comfort of your office.

Conference badges

Simple but effective, conference badges allow for easy identification and engaging conversations. Perfect for Sales Representatives or tourism companies, use these badges for when you’re hosting a meeting with prospective clients.

These badges can handle complex designs to get the brand of your company across, while the inclusion of the company name and the name of the client on each one ensures essential information is clearly displayed, too.

Premium name badges

With these badges, your company will be painted in the best light possible. Perfect for use in hotels, offices or spas, this product exudes luxury.

Of course, these badges will be designed with your brand and company style in mind, as well as the essential pieces of information such as name and job title. However, these badges stand out from the crowd because they come with a domed layer that boasts a UV-resistant coating – making sure they stand the test of time.

Standard name badges

Perfect for use on the shop floor, these badges will help form a relationship between the employee and the customer. Printed on durable aluminium, these badges come with a huge range of designs and contain your company’s logo.

How can I purchase badges for my business?

Here at Imagin Badges, we pride ourselves on offering a huge range of badges – including all of the ones listed above.

You only get one shot at making a first impression, so let Imagin make every encounter memorable.

Why not browse our extensive portfolio of products to find the one that’s best suited to your business, and then use our clever instant quote feature to get a quick costs breakdown.

Why Having a Strong Brand is so Important for Attracting New Customers

Business setting

For your business to grow, attracting new customers is crucial. While repeat customers will obviously help your company to sustain itself, it will remain running on the spot if you fail to add to that customer base. Effective branding can be a powerful tool for reaching out to new people – but why?

Do you have “too many goods chasing too few customers?”

It’s likely that your company has more than enough products and services available for selling; your problem is much more likely to be getting people to buy them. Edwin Dearborn, the author of “Power Branding Secrets”, has pointed out Fast Company’s comment that “almost every industry is struggling with overcapacity: too many goods chasing too few customers.”

So, the good news about this situation is that you shouldn’t have to fret about how you will cope if your businesses sees a sudden upturn in customer numbers; you should be able to cater for those new customers without too much trouble. But the conundrum remains: How can you get that upturn in the first place? Through effectively putting together what has been called a “branding triangle”.

The three major parts of a “branding triangle”

Some people might think that they know for definite what branding is. They might picture the distinctive Apple logo or the red and white colours of the Coca-Cola packaging and think that branding is about a simple but memorable logo and well-designed website. However, this is more to do with visual branding, which far from paints the whole picture of branding.

In his book, Dearborn has explained that there are three main components of branding, each of which form what he calls the “branding triangle”. These include the brand identity, which covers such visual aspects as your logo, colours and uniforms. Personalised badges that we offer can certainly help you to success here.

Another aspect is the content management – this refers to the promotional and sales materials and strategies that are used to keep customers interested. So, the company’s website, blogs, podcasts, social media and brochures are all accounted for here. The third part of the branding triangle is customer service; this is how your firm delivers its products and/or services in relation to the customers’ requirements and expectations.

Entice new customers with a “freemium” offer

Dearborn insists that, in order to attract more customers, you must consistently and routinely excel at all three aspects of the branding triangle. These aspects, he says, underpin a brand’s reputation, word-of-mouth and value. However, someone who has never previously bought from your company won’t be able to judge its customer service until they buy from your company – a classic chicken-and-egg situation. You can overcome this by offering something small for free.

Whether it’s free samples, discounts, 2-for-1 offers or something else, you want to offer something that can genuinely pique a new customer’s interest before persuading them to become a paying customer. If a particular offer seems to be attracting lots of interest, do your best to avoid messing with a winning formula.

Customer Service FAQ

question mark FAQ

Here at Imagin Products, we take great pride in the uniformly high quality of not only the personalised badges that we offer, but also the customer service that we deliver at every stage of our relationship with a customer. After all, we want a wide range of businesses to find the whole process of ordering badges with us hassle-free. To make things even easier, we’ve decided to put together this quick but informative FAQ about our customer service.



How can I ask you a question that isn’t already answered on the website FAQ?

There are various ways in which you can get in touch with us to ask a question. These include reaching us by phone on 01592 653865 or using our online chat facility; to reach that, just click the ‘Contact’ link on the bottom navigation bar and then the button labelled ‘Live Chat’.


Unfortunately, you might want to contact us at a time, such as very early in the morning or very late in the evening, when we aren’t on hand to immediately speak to you either by phone or online live chat. If that is indeed the case, you can alternatively send us a message by email – our email address is – or online form. You can also find that form on the Contact page of our website; fill in the required details, including your message, and click ‘Send’. Whether you send your message by email or online form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Could you help me to decide which badges I should order?

Of course! However you get in touch with us, you can get advice from a genuine expert in name badges. Whether you have questions about name badges in general or the specific ones available for purchase from our company, you can put those questions our way and we will do our best to provide helpful answers.


Before you do ask us your questions, however, consider that the Internet could already have the answers – especially if those questions are about the subject of name badges more generally. If, for example, you run a small business and are unsure about the exact ways in which staff badges could benefit your business, then this article could enlighten you.


Could you give me a quote for how much my particular order with you would cost?

Yes! You can opt to receive a quote either instantly or by email. Whichever of these two you choose, it’s just a matter of, on our Contact page, clicking the relevant link near the top of the page – so, either ‘INSTANT QUOTE’ or ‘EMAIL ME A QUOTE’ – before filling in the form to specify what type of order you want a quote for. We will then get back to you with a quote that is, above all, accurate… and, we hope, pleasing for you!


Are there any hidden charges when ordering with you?

None whatsoever, we are delighted to say! That includes no setup fees and no design fees.

Where to Invest Your Marketing Budget this year

online marketing

Marketing is a vital pursuit for any business seeking to more widely communicate what it offers; however, the precise ways in which your company should promote itself could still seem like something of a mystery. There’s certainly a broad choice of marketing methods available to you, but how many pounds should you put towards which ones? We’re here to help clear your confusion.

A website with a fully responsive design

In April 2015, Google updated its search algorithm to hand more authority to mobile-friendly websites in the tech giant’s search results. However, this isn’t the only reason why you need to make sure that your company’s website can be readily viewed and used across a range of smartphones and tablets. Even before Google had revealed its move, a survey had indicated that searches on mobile devices had recently, and for the first time, surpassed those on desktop computers.

Therefore, it’s a good idea for your company to turn to another that can provide it with a website the design of which can automatically adapt to displays across a range of sizes. That way, you don’t need to fret over whether your target customers are most commonly accessing the web through huge iMacs, medium-sized iPads or small iPhones; the website can accommodate them in any case.

A well-managed email marketing campaign           

Exactly because so many people now routinely use mobile devices in place of desktop machines, email marketing can prove wonderfully effective. As soon as an email arrives in a potential customer’s inbox, that person could get a notification on their smartphone and, quickly following this, load up their email app to see what exactly this new message is.

A thoroughly active social media campaign

If your business doesn’t already have a marketing person with particular expertise in using social media, it needs to invest in one. That’s because, globally, there are currently about 2.2 billion active social media users – and that figure is continuing to rise.

You could also put some money towards researching which specific social media platforms your target customers are especially partial to. This can help you to devote more of your advertising resources to channels where those people are most likely to be exposed to your promotional efforts.

A brand identity that remains highly consistent

Whatever mediums your company uses for promotional services, whether those mediums are posters, business cards, leaflets, websites or anything else, you should make sure that your company’s unique brand identity is consistent across all of them. This means not only sticking to the same logo and colours, but also communicating essentially the same core message.

Thankfully, ensuring this can be easy when it comes to the staff badges that your company uses. You can get personalised badges in any of a wide range of physical shapes and finishes when you choose to source staff badges from our company, Imagin Badges. Also, you can save lots of money when you order those badges in bulk – and you can then spend that saved cash on other marketing initiatives.

What Industries Require a Name Badge?

Clyde ID Card

This isn’t an entirely straightforward question to answer – as different companies even within the same industry will have their own standards and requirements and, therefore, will have different stances when it comes to name badges. As a general rule, however, industries with lots of customer-facing roles tend to make staff badges a requirement, if not necessarily for everyone within the company. Here are a few examples of sectors where these badges are especially often mandatory.



There are likely particular shops that you visit pretty regularly, perhaps even daily or at least weekly. Now, if, upon visiting these places, you often see the same members of staff and they are all sporting name badges, you will already know how convenient those badges are for helping you to get to know those workers – particularly, and obviously, by name.

It can be especially common to see retail cashiers wearing these name badges, which makes sense. After all, they are probably the store’s employees that you need to speak to most frequently, and so it can be nice for you to easily familiarise yourself with their names.



The hospitality industry covers many different fields – including lodging, airlines and eateries, all of which include institutions that might make staff badges a requirement. We have previously mentioned how flight attendants can help put many people at ease on planes with the help of name badges – while, at many restaurants, these badges could also be worn by waiters, who customers could perceive as friendlier as a result, and waiter’s assistants charged with clearing and setting tables, assisting waiting staff, and more.

In a hotel, too, you could find such badges warn by the receptionist behind the front desk and the caretaker whose job is helping to prepare rooms for the next occupants. At bed and breakfast accommodation, such badges can make it easier for the guests to get to know staff. Fritz Gubler, President of the hospitality advice portal eHotelier, has drawn attention to the popular belief that hotel staff should wear name badges, as this can assist in – to cite just a few examples – quality and standards control, safety and security, brand recognition and emergency management.



It’d be an understatement to say that a doctor’s surgery or hospital is a place where you want to feel safe and reassured! A doctor, nurse or medical assistant can wear friendly-looking badges to more easily keep their patients feeling comfortable. These badges also bring a greater feel of security and professionalism to the premises, and this effect obviously further helps to keep the patient as relaxed as possible.



A large hospital can also have a large number of catering staff – and, indeed, many catering staff members in general, not just those who work in hospitals, can also be required to wear identification badges. These include people who cater for restaurants, schools and other outlets that serve food. Thankfully, for these people and many others who require name badges for their work, we offer easily personalised badges here at Imagin Products.

10 Ways of Making a Lasting Impression to New Customers (B2B Focused)


Marketing can be much more tricky and arduous in the B2B world than in the B2C sphere, not least because the process of selling an item or service is lengthier. Below, we explain various ways in which you can impress new customers for a healthier long term relationship.


Follow the online feeds that your clients do

This can include regularly reading blogs, digital periodicals and news outlets focused on their industry. This is all with the aim of maintaining good knowledge of this sector. You can also send clients pertinent information that would interest them.


Regularly publish a newsletter

Whether you publish that newsletter on a monthly or quarterly basis, this tactic can be great for keeping your clients in the loop about fresh developments in their industry. The newsletter could also highlight the clients’ own recent accomplishments.


Get to know clients through social media

Being active on social media platforms can assist you in building your relationships with new clients that also have pages on the same platforms. You could further relationships to the extent that future business is almost guaranteed.


Use social media to repost client content

After making sure that you are indeed following all of your clients on such platforms as Facebook and Twitter, you can boost these clients’ online visibility by occasionally reposting and drawing attention to various pieces of content that they post online.


Request testimonials

Asking your favourite clients for testimonials – like quotes, case studies or reviews – will likely flatter them. You can then post the testimonials on your website to allow various potential customers to see how you have helped your current customers.


Host an event

Invite your clients to a get-together. Whether this is a training session, seminar or something more casual, it can help you to gain a greater insight into what your customers are interested in. Also, we can provide staff badges for your workers set to attend the event.


Seek new customers for your clients

Should you know someone who might want to make use of your client’s services, then don’t be afraid to do a bit of PR. Provided that you keep introductions professional, the client is likely to appreciate your networking.


Regularly remind a client to restock your product

You can do this by sending them a friendly email. Throw in a discount code that they can use when placing their new order, and don’t forget to briefly refer to their history with your firm. This will leave them feeling like a treasured customer.


Always thank your clients for providing their time and energy

Whether it’s through an email or – probably even better – print letter, showing your gratitude to a client will, naturally, make them feel good. It will also reinforce the crucial connection between the two of you.


Leave each client with a tangible gift

The clients will like having something to physically hold, and a gift like a branded pen or other item of stationary could make even clearer how much you value their custom.

How Important is Appearance When Pitching for new Business?

business presentation

Knowing how to pitch convincingly and effectively can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal, so to speak, when aiming to attract more business for your company. Convincing a potential customer that your company is the one most capable of meeting their needs is no mean feat. But how crucial is your appearance to an effective pitch?


Appearance: is it really such a big deal?

Especially if you’re relatively inexperienced in business, it’s tempting to think that your appearance can’t possibly have much influence on how compelling your pitch is. After all, business pitches aren’t fashion shows; why should your audience be concerned whether your suit is from Armani or the discounts rack in your local Tesco?

Of course, they likely won’t be – but that doesn’t mean your appearance still won’t exercise some degree of influence. The effect could be subliminal at times; even subconsciously, many potential buyers could be deterred from handing their hard-earned money over to a disheveled individual with little obvious regard for how they look.


A Dragons’ Den star explains why, yes, appearance can be a big deal

So, how important exactly is appearance to your pitch? A good assessment comes from successful businessman James Caan, of Dragons’ Den fame. Though he’s full of advice for putting together a good pitch, including having a strong team, showing proof of demand and being careful not to over-complicate with the details, he still sets aside space to explain why “presentation is crucial”.

He advises that “if you want to be taken seriously, then dress seriously”. He implies that going too eccentric with your attire could lead the audience to “think this pitch is not as important to you as it should be”, while a clothing mismatch – such as “black trousers with white socks” – can make a similarly bad impression. Caan explains: “These may seem like minor things but they tell me that you don’t pay enough attention to detail”.


Don’t overlook the personal touch

 Nonetheless, putting a lot of care into your appearance as you plan your pitch doesn’t have to mean stripping out all of your unique visual character. Even Caan acknowledges that how you should present yourself will depend, to an extent, on who you’re pitching to. And, indeed, it has been advised elsewhere that you should consider what clothing would make you in particular feel comfortable during the big presentation.

So, while you should remember to stick with clothes that look smart, professional and suitable for both your audience and your own company, you also shouldn’t overlook the need to don clothes that help you to be confident and showcase your unique talents. Ultimately, if you feel that you are visually appealing, so will your audience!

Along similar lines, if you and other people helping you during the pitch decide to wear name badges to help that audience to more easily remember you, your colleagues and the company, you could benefit from turning to us and ordering a big batch of personalized badges. There are many different such badges available.